Mikey's Story

The day after our first child was born, a doctor entered my hospital room and soberly announced to me and my husband, “I’m sorry, but your baby had a stroke.”  
Those shocking and heartbreaking words completely changed our lives.  Until that day, we had heard nothing of pediatric strokes and became deeply concerned about our son’s future.  After numerous tests and doctor’s visits, we were advised to seek the services of Early Childhood Intervention.  And, at the tender age of 7 ½ months, our baby began physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy which he continues today.  Our precious Mikey is now a healthy, happy, 17 year-old stroke survivor!  We are so proud to report he has come a very long way thanks to so many people and his own stubborn determination! 

He teaches us so much more than doctors are able to; that a daily dose of unyielding determination, curiosity and self motivation leads to success and accomplishment.  Mikey has proven to us that happiness, friendship, encouragement, and acceptance help nurture and create a very healthy spirit.  Most importantly, we’ve learned that unconditional love has extraordinary healing powers.

We have been welcomed with open arms into our new “family,” the special needs community, since the beginning of our unchartered journey with Mikey 17 years ago.  Our greatest resource and inspiration have been other parents of children with disabilities.  So many have gone before us and made our path easier; it is my strong desire to carry on this legacy by helping those coming up behind us.